SAFE Stack course announced in September 2019 in London

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    Welcome to Compositional IT

    Functional first, cloud ready solutions

  • Experts in functional programming
    Develop systems more quickly
    Deliver high quality systems
    Write systems that can easily scale
    + and much more
  • Experts in cloud programming
    Resilient, scalable systems
    Create new opportunities
    Lower costs
    + and much more

Training & Coaching

With our experienced team of practitioners, we can help train your in-house team the best way to write software using functional programming techniques on the cloud.


We can work with your existing development teams over time with regular guidance and coaching to ensure that your team make the right choices at the right times.


With over ten years experience in developing bespoke systems for customers using cutting edge technologies to reduce costs.


Frank Tiegs, Lufthansa

Frank Tiegs, Lufthansa

Compositional IT have been invaluable in helping us to automate some of our pricing processes by developing functions providing high degrees of automation and flexibility for us and our sales regions. Isaac and his team offer an excellent level of service and are always happy to help us. We look forward to our continued relationship with them in the future.

Mike Unwin

Mike Unwin, Just Giving

Compositional IT have been invaluable in helping us get the most out of Microsoft Azure. Their expertise has helped guide our decision making, leading to a demonstrable reduction in both running costs and time to market. Their functional first approach to software engineering fits perfectly with ours and their expertise in F# has been invaluable in maintaining the stability of our production code. I would highly recommend them to anyone embarking on a project using Microsoft Azure.

Philip Adams

Philip Adams, Intelligent Datalytics

Thanks again for your superb efforts and professionalism over the past few months. Your consultancy, training and support was well constructed, delivered and received by both the team and our customers. I look forward to your continued involvement in future initiatives.