About Us

Our Mission

Compositional IT's goal is to provide a professional, top-quality software consultancy service to you. Whether it's providing development resource and expertise, architectural guidance, or training your existing team up with a specific technology or practice, we're interested in helping you.

It's our aim to improve the bar of software quality, helping organisations and teams to benefit from the power and simplicity of functional programming, whilst harnessing the power of the cloud. When combined together, it's possible to develop powerful systems in a minimum of time.

You can read more about why we feel our experience, expertise, choice of technology and dedication to applying best practices leads to superior results in the development section.

Isaac Abraham

Isaac Abraham

Isaac Abraham is the founder of Compositional IT. He's a Microsoft MVP in F# and .NET as well as an Azure Insider and specialises in cloud programmability challenges. He has been working in the software industry for 15 years and is a firm believer in raising the level of software quality in the industry through use of functional programming.

Why Compositional?

Effective composition is one of the most fundamental attributes of building quality software, and is something that we apply throughout our work, be it during low-level development of a system, or providing architectural guidance and patterns. The idea of building complex systems by "plugging together" simpler, smaller parts is an extremely powerful concept - and leads to systems that are more than the sum of their parts.

the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole.

Experienced Professionals

Compositional IT are run by software experts with experience working across a wide variety of sectors both in the public and private sector, from start up to multi-million pound global enterprise organisations. We're also a trusted Microsoft Silver partner.

Our Technologies

We are committed to using technologies that provide tangible benefit to the customer by improving the quality of our services or lower the cost of delivery. We recommend use of software development languages and technologies including, but not exclusively: -