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    Welcome to Compositional IT

    Functional first, cloud ready solutions

  • Experts in functional programming
    Develop systems more quickly
    Deliver high quality systems
    Write systems that can easily scale
    + and much more
  • Experts in cloud programming
    Resilient, scalable systems
    Create new opportunities
    Lower costs
    + and much more

Training & Coaching

With our experienced team of practitioners, we can help train your in-house team the best way to write software using functional programming techniques on the cloud.


We can work with your existing development teams over time with regular guidance and coaching to ensure that your team make the right choices at the right times.


With over ten years experience in developing bespoke systems for customers using cutting edge technologies to reduce costs.

About us

Compositional IT is a software consultancy focussed on using functional programming on the cloud using best-of-breed technologies including F# and Microsoft Azure to achieve high quality software solutions at low cost.

Compositional IT is run by experienced IT professionals, with extensive experience in consulting with customers in a variety of sectors. We understand how best to deliver a solution for you that allows you to remain in control at all stages, giving you confidence that the end product will meet your expectations.
Our goal is to deliver a high quality service to you. In our opinion, software should be delivered in such a way that your expectations are met first time around with high-quality working deliverables. This requires close collaboration between all parties throughout the engagement, in order to utilise the expertise of all parties to provide the best possible solution.
Run by a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), we use the best of breed technologies and tools available to us. Coupled with our deep understanding and expertise in both software engineering best practices and cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure, we can deliver a superior solution whilst focussing our time on implementing tangible business benefits, resulting in lower cost for you.
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Example Solutions

Distributed Systems

Using the power of cloud systems, we can rapidly develop systems for you that can grow to cope with demand.

Data Intensive Applications

Use a combination of cloud storage and F# smarts to quickly process huge data volumes.

Real Time Analytics

Monitor data in real time to better understand and respond to changes as they happen. Use machine learning to help guide your decisions.

Mission Critical Systems

Use the power of F# and functional programming to develop systems that you can trust to work first time at a fraction of the cost of conventional software development languages.

Web enabled applications

Create systems that allow you to share data over the web quickly and easily using industry-standard patterns and practices.