Architecture at Compositional IT

Designing systems that are reliable, scalable and maintainable can be a challenge. Worse still, often you won't know about the shortcomings of your systems until it's too late.

We've experience in designing systems that work with existing development teams, and can help you ensure that the systems you're designing meet the standards that you expect.

Architectural reviews and guidance

We can help keep your system on the straight and narrow as it evolves, by regularly reviewing how your system is shaping up at different levels. This can range from low-level development practices and tools, to high level architectural reviews, with suggestions on how to more effectively utilise third-party components and systems.

Having regular architectural reviews from an external viewpoint can be a valuable practice to follow. It helps ensure that system quality doesn't degenerate over time, and provides a neutral, objective perspective from a source of experience and expertise.

Complete system architectures

If required, we can provide you with a bespoke architecture for your system whilst it's in the early planning stages. We'll work with your existing development team, speak with the business to better understand the key needs of the system, and help shape an architecture for you that's designed to get results in the short term, whilst being able to evolve with you in the long term.

We'll explain to you why we've designed our architecture as it is, and show you the different components and systems that we evaluated in order to reach our final conclusions and recommendations.