F#, .NET and Azure Consultancy

Consultancy at Compositional IT

Designing systems that are reliable, scalable and maintainable can be a challenge. Worse still, often you won't know about the shortcomings of your systems until it's too late. Our team of consultants have experience in a wide variety of areas that can help whether it's to de-risk critical areas of your project or to perform architectural reviews, giving you advice on how to minimise costs and maximise system performance, or even to provide on-site expertise to provide specific expertise that we continually invest in.

Check out some of our flexible products below. Contact us for a free consultation and see how we can start helping you lower your costs, explore new areas and improve your systems!

Learn more about our SAFE Consultancy offerings here.

Learn more about our Akka.Net Consultancy offerings here.

Tech Accelerator

Compositional IT's Tech Accelerator is designed to let us solve those edge-case or specific technology problems that would be prohibitively expensive or time-consuming for you to solve yourself, and / or where there does not exist sufficient documentation or educational resources for you to solve a technical challenge yourself.

Our Tech Accelerator is suitable for proof-of-concepts in cutting-edge areas to de-risk projects, or simply as a means to improve your team velocity in specific areas. Examples include:

  • Architectural design and / or review with advisory report
  • Repeatable Azure deployments for SAFE applications
  • Creating integrated logging and metrics in long-running applications
  • Creating distributed compute clusters for on-demand scale-out and bespoke big compute workloads


Our consultant-as-a-service (CAAS) product provides a development resource that can act as a remote part of your team on a part-time basis, with regularly scheduled on-site visits as needed. CAAS is ideal for situations where you have an in-house development capability but still need the ability to "burst-out", or have a specific requirement that one of our experts can rapidly solve.

CAAS enables you to maintain full control of your project, but with an external expert available to provide an extra boost to your team.