F#, .NET and Azure Training

F#, .NET and Azure Training at Compositional IT

Ensuring that your development team understands a technology, tool or platform to a high standard can lead to huge quality improvements, improved time efficiencies and cost savings. Using a technology incorrectly can lead to high development costs and lost time, or even worse, systems that do not perform correctly.

At Compositional IT, we have a great deal of experience in training software developers in a wide variety of areas, from low-level development practices to high-level technology platforms, focusing on .NET, F# and Azure. We can work on-site, embedded within your development team, or work in a dedicated off-site location that we provide.

All our courses are designed with practical experience in mind - delegates will be exposed to both instructor-led demos and lectures as well as having to carry out practical labs themselves, and leave with the confidence to start using these technologies in practical situations.

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Our courses

F# Starter Kit

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Level: 200
  • Pre-requisites: Experience in a modern language e.g. C#, Java, JavaScript etc.
This course explores the F# programming language and ecosystem from scratch. Those coming from a C# or VB .NET background will be especially at home, but this course is equally suitable for e.g. web developers familiar with e.g. JavaScript or TypeScript, Java developers etc. Delegates will be exposed to a set of core functional programming constructs and patterns, and how to apply them in F#, before looking at practical applications of these features and patterns. Delegates will work through a number of code-first scenarios that will give the student a firm understanding in the fundamentals of the language and tooling, as well as the confidence to explore more of the language themselves. Labs will be intermixed with examples and use-cases for solving problems using F#. This course can be delivered for .NET Framework or .NET Core teams using either Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio Code.

Web Developer Happiness with the SAFE Stack

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Level: 200
  • Pre-requisites: Experience in F#, C# or JavaScript, basic web skills
This course provides delegates with hands-on skills for using the recommended SAFE Stack that provides the basis for type safe programming on modern the .NET stack using F# for end-to-end development. The course explains the key parts of the SAFE stack, including the Suave Model, hands on usage of Azure, Fable and Elmish, and delegates will have the opportunity to develop and deploy a fully cloud-enabled application, building up step-by-step to ensure that attendees leave with a full understanding of the stack, and the confidence to start creating full applications on their own. This course also provides the ability for delegates to experience a range of Azure services including deployment of SAFE apps using App Service, Azure Storage and Azure Search.

Cloud Programming with F#

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Level: 200
  • Pre-requisites: Experience in F#
This course introduces the delegate to some of the core concepts of cloud through practical, hands-on tutorials and demonstrations. Delegates will sign up to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and learn about the core concepts of both cloud programming as well as the Microsoft Azure platform. Use of functional paradigms and practices will be emphasised throughout, with all samples exclusively in F#. Delegates will leave with a clear understanding of how to provision Azure services in a variety of ways, as well as the core services that are most commonly used in application development.


F# Coaching Service

Compositional IT also offer a unique F# coaching service that fits how your team works, at a pace that suits you. Ideal for both teams that are new to F# and want to ensure that they get the best out of the language and platform in the minimum amount of time, as well as more experienced teams that would like a regular platform for external feedback sessions, expert advice and knowledge sharing.

  • Get the best out of F#
  • Get tips and tricks from experienced F# consultants to maximise efficiency
  • Get your code reviewed on a regular basis
  • Learn from people that are writing F# applications every day - avoid common pitfalls and mistakes

Schedules vary from multiple intensive weekly sessions to less frequent sessions where specific issues can be raised and discussed.

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